Sì, mo vola! Kitesurf spettacolare

AMAZING: While most surfers try shooting the Brighton Pier in the UK, kitesurfer Lewis Crathern waited for the perfect conditions to launch up and over it, clearing the entire pier by several hundred meters and blowing the minds of spectators everywhere. It’s simply astonishing!Where would you like to see Lewis fly over next? The Grand Canyon on a dirtboard? Great Wall of China? Richard Branson’s private island? The possibilities are endless.(credit: Lewis Crathern Kitesurfer)

Posted by The Inertia on Venerdì 6 novembre 2015


Guardate questo video e dite voi se “il volo” del kitesurfer Lewis Crathern non è allo stesso tempo spettacolare e incredibile.
Crathern si libra letteralmente in volo, saltando un’intera banchina del porto di Brighton, in Gran Bretagna.
Non solo ci vuole tanta abilità, ma anche tanto fegato. Oppure incoscienza, fate voi.

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